Reviews for "Coulrophobia 2"

*shivers* thats a good message

*looks at a bag of candy I found on my door step* Thanks for the message... I think I'll need it. I feel sorry for that kid...

Graphics 10/10
Sound/Music 10/10...
10 everything because it was that great

I salute you for making one of the best movies I've ever seen

ImpendingRiot responds:

Too kind, too kind. Yeah, we all feel sorry for that kid. Nothing quite puts a damper on a quadriplegic's evening like eating a deranged clown's teeth. Hah, but seriously, thank you, and Happy Halloweeen!


This really is a great flash. My Only complaint was it's way too short. Hope you make more in the future. Your detail was brilliant. 5 all the way.

ImpendingRiot responds:

I'm certainly making more, a more surreal/suspense/horror was a freshing break from the comedy I've done.

Liked it bunches.

Not much more than that.

Cant really give ideas on movies. its how the artist wishes to portray them and if I dont like it, tough.

Make some more, buddy.

ImpendingRiot responds:

Thanks a lot mate.

I'm making another film, for sure, just not sure what 'genre' yet.


Nothing says Happy Halloween like eating a deranged clown's tooth, right? Also great choice of music. But I think the kid didn't deserve it. I mean, he's disabled!
But I think I've droned on long enough. This movie made my day.

Happy Halloween!

ImpendingRiot responds:

Something that always bother be about horror movies is the pricks get picked off like flies. Then you root for the killer/menace, because they're attacking bad people.

I think its scarier if it goes after the good guys/weak/innocent ones. Much scarier.

Thanks for the music choice, navigating the AP is a bit frightening in itself sometime.

Tom, NG, office, PLEASE do a 'tag' system, so music can be classified by instruments, etc. You have no idea how many techno Tricky the Clown songs I endured to find that creepy clown music :P

More then glad I could make your day

Totally unexpected!

Hey -
The concept was really good - You really have a unique way of telling a story!!
It was creepy and kind of gross at the end - perfect for halloween !!
And l thank you for using my music ;) I would have never thought it could be used in something creepy!!
*takes off hat to you!