Reviews for "Coulrophobia 2"

well then

i liked it, poor kid, it was short but somehow i thought it fit for the most part, i mean you could tell that that ending was done in a hurry but even so thats what i saw and i enjoyed it

ImpendingRiot responds:

Yeah, the ending was. Thats just the price though. It wouldn't have seemed right for a Nov 1st or Nov 2nd release.

I'm glad you enjoyed it though :)

Really not enough...

I'll have to agree on the old film effect, it was nicely done and I'll add that the clown was kind of cool... although probably a bit too well drawn for the rest of the movie.

On the worse side... Is that all? Something is definetly missing in here, maybe a lack of patience to finish up the movie with more story detail? It feels a little - and this is mentioned to much anyway around newgrounds - a little too "David Firth" without the knowhow. I won't give this much points but I'll be waiting for your next project! You can do better!

ImpendingRiot responds:

Well, the movie ending was a bit rushed. But I assure you that there no rushing with the plot. The idea was that a kid would get candy from a clown, eat it, find a teeth in it, and it would be revealed the clown has no teeth. I think I established that.

As for a little too Firth... I see where you could get that, but I'd have to disagree. There's certainly similarities, in the sense Firth's horror stuff tends to be less reliant on gore and more on creepiness, atmosphere, and music. I made the choices I did for personal taste, I like the scary stuff that isn't necessarily guts falling out of guts.

Regardless, I appreciate you being honest with how you feel, I just hope I clarified the reasons.

You will see more from me :)


I love it! I just love it!

Completely unexpected.

The animation is very good, I love the old film reel effects. It just shows you care.

I actually felt bad for the poor wheelchair child, even more so now.

Creepy, disgusting, surprising. Perfect.


I don't like clowns.

ImpendingRiot responds:

This review means a lot to me, because it's just confirmation for me that I got what I wanted to get out.

The wheelchair was to invoke sympathy, and make the clown's violation that much worse. I've seen IT, and despited 'it' because of the second half. I decided to make mine as far from 'IT' so to speak because I wanted to avoid any comparison. So, the mindset I gave the clown was basically he's created to get rid of extreme despair (wheelchair kid can't trick or treat) , and has positive intentions, but his mind is warped. Is the clown evil? Honestly, I'm not even sure.

My first movie was more to exploit the fear of clowns, this one was to exploit the fear of the dentist.

Anyways thanks a lot man, I'm really glad you liked it.

Loved the animation

Enjoyed it. Idea behind it was decent, but the animation is what really won me over.

ImpendingRiot responds:

Thank you very much, probably some of the most FBF I've done, despite being so short. Even very few trains, I mostly did manual stretching and moving, ala Madness.

It's true!

Wow, this was a great flash. Unlike others I thought it was the perfect length and it really got the message out. This is a good video for all of these kids who are out tonight.

ImpendingRiot responds:

Thanks, although it wasn't really intended to be a PSA. I'm pretty sure there's no credible threat of teeth inside of candy. But if there is, you heard it first here people.

Fun Halloween fact: No documented cases of tainted candy except for the children's own parents.