Reviews for "Coulrophobia 2"

well...i dont know

well...i guess it was amusing and stuff and i probably couldn't have done better but yet....
the idea is good but too short , you could have done something waaaayyy better if it had lasted 5 min... cause the kid doesn't even get shot !!

ImpendingRiot responds:

Sorry bud, Madness day is over :(

Nice and short.

Its short but i dont think it would've been as good if it was longer.

Its not really scary but someone who is scared of clowns or a 5 year old might find it scary.

Good moral to the story because ive heard of people putting bleach in candy and drugs and stuff.

ImpendingRiot responds:

I'm not sure I'd be as scared of the clown as much as eating someones teeth. Story actually didnt intend to have a moral, but I supose it's an added benefit if to some people it does.


Nothing says Happy Halloween like eating a deranged clown's tooth, right? Also great choice of music. But I think the kid didn't deserve it. I mean, he's disabled!
But I think I've droned on long enough. This movie made my day.

Happy Halloween!

ImpendingRiot responds:

Something that always bother be about horror movies is the pricks get picked off like flies. Then you root for the killer/menace, because they're attacking bad people.

I think its scarier if it goes after the good guys/weak/innocent ones. Much scarier.

Thanks for the music choice, navigating the AP is a bit frightening in itself sometime.

Tom, NG, office, PLEASE do a 'tag' system, so music can be classified by instruments, etc. You have no idea how many techno Tricky the Clown songs I endured to find that creepy clown music :P

More then glad I could make your day

Liked it bunches.

Not much more than that.

Cant really give ideas on movies. its how the artist wishes to portray them and if I dont like it, tough.

Make some more, buddy.

ImpendingRiot responds:

Thanks a lot mate.

I'm making another film, for sure, just not sure what 'genre' yet.

i liked it.

i liked the style, the art, the creepy clown that looks sewn together. it was all pretty good, except like you said, it was short.

ImpendingRiot responds:

Thanks :)

Yeah, I added stitches primary for the creep out factor, but to also offer the possibility it was a mask or something. I just like not having everything etched in stone, so there's at least SOME room for interpretation.

Glad you liked it, and sorry for the length.