Reviews for "Coulrophobia 2"


Now that was a weird experience lol. How could it be so warning-like, as in: "always brush your teeth, otherwise they'll fall out quickly"... and then "always check your candy"...


That... was... totaly.... CREEPY!!!!

makeonewith like.. some person walking into a shed, and blood covers a window...


cool........love the art style...clown was freaky looking....good job ...even the rain was a nice effect....part 3?

Totally unexpected!

Hey -
The concept was really good - You really have a unique way of telling a story!!
It was creepy and kind of gross at the end - perfect for halloween !!
And l thank you for using my music ;) I would have never thought it could be used in something creepy!!
*takes off hat to you!

Strange... But good.

Good graphics, good and hilary history. Never stop doing movies like as these! We need good movies. =)