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Reviews for "Halloweeathefuck?"


my exact words when that guy was covered in blood were..... "WTF!!!!! O.O" =3

Fantomass responds:

Yeah! Thanks!

That was really good.

I was a little disapointed when it was just a joke because it could of actually been pretty scary.

Fantomass responds:

But it was scary, wasn't it?

That was goofy...

That reminds me of the time when my dad starting touching me in my woo-hoo areas. Afterwards my bummy felt weird, but my daddy sayed he was just joking around having fun. :D good flash anywho.

Fantomass responds:

o_O Sue him!


It was real good,the drawing was nice and the storyline was pretty good i was a little surprised when the man got killed but I was laughing when i found out it was only a joke on the kid but maybe you could of made it longer other than that it cool.

Fantomass responds:

Thank you for the review! Yes, it could be longer, but time was against us.

Funny shit

This would be freaky as hell. Liked the ending after the credits too! Nice art and animation.

Fantomass responds:

Thank you!