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Reviews for "Rising Death"

great movie

Yeh man, nice piece of work.
I liked the movement of the Assassin very much and the pumpkin at the end gave me a nice shock ;-)

RatherRandomReality responds:

Mission accomplished, thank you.

;D kewl

that was pretty neat watching the assassin..

i wish there was more victims though =P .. could of been really neat ;D

RatherRandomReality responds:

There will be more victims one day. Thanks for the 10.

good job

wow pretty good for a frst =) i like yr drawing style and fghting scenes are realistic and blood effects are stylish

RatherRandomReality responds:

Thanks! Cool profile pic btw, used to be my favorite album.


lol great animation lots of blood and stuff and i got a little fright at the end and wat happens with death i must know

RatherRandomReality responds:

Death may feature in a sequel for next Halloween. He'll take a rest for a while.

This is pretty good, although the story does fail to explain why the guy being assassinated would keep a sword in the same room where his assassin/prisoner is kept. Nice job nonetheless.