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Reviews for "Rising Death"


That was bloody brilliant! Art work was phenominal, along with the music and sounds! Well done.

RatherRandomReality responds:

Thank you kindly.


Dude great job. Normally a lot of people here make shitty animations but this one had to be the best one Iv'e seen. Nice job with it, and I scared my lil' sister with the pumpkin part!! That was helarious!!!!!

RatherRandomReality responds:

Thank you for watching and enjoying! There will be more coming.


The animation was kinda gritty in some places, but then again... I think it gave the movie a special charm. Also, the sound fx were really good. Nicely done. I was a little spooked but that pumpkin at the end. Awesome movie. I'll give it a 5.

RatherRandomReality responds:

Thank you for reviewing. This flash was an experiment - I tried techniques that I never used before - adding jpgs of paintings that I made (thats why it looks gritty, but I like this effect) and the rotoscoping in the beginning.


some of backround pictures seens to be oil printing haha
but wat is ths blue thing that death sucked from the dead guy into his sleeve?
y did the green dude went into the castle to kill the yellow guys?

RatherRandomReality responds:

I am not sure about the answers of your questions.
But I like the review score :)


best movie ive seen yet.

RatherRandomReality responds:

You, flatterer, you.