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Reviews for "Rising Death"


ok what the hell why would they put in a prison a sword it simply does not make sense

RatherRandomReality responds:

Yeah, so give me a 4 out of 10 because of that. Do you give me any feedback how to improve? No.

the sword

y would u put a sword in a prison its like asking him to break out wow a cinderella story

RatherRandomReality responds:

You created your account today and you are giving people shit already! Excellent.

Thumbs down.

the characters appearance was very typical and annoying, the sound effects and quality were border line vomit, and there was little if no plot or development. You parried my attack... So I'm going to stand there and get owned. You put me in prison... But with ummm... Swords on the walls.

The only plus I give to this is the unique way in which the backgrounds look like Cezanne Paintings, or something of the same style.

RatherRandomReality responds:

The backgrounds look like Cezanne Paintings, because they are paintings and I fucking painted them, shithead.

Um, wtf?

Probably the really only cool part was the beginning, for the animation on the hands/paper was really good. Other than that, where's the story? I know the whole thing behind the symbol, and the "ultimate ninja guy?" with the sign on his forehead? Awesome rival? Mmm, I think you could revamp it and make it more awesome. Def. get rid of the heavy metal until the heavy fightscenes, and make them longer, possibly? I didn't want to see the guy get owned after the "ultimate ninja guy" just blocks his attack. Has potential. ^^

RatherRandomReality responds:

You are possibly dreaming ninjas often.

Seen it before.

Most submissions on Newgrounds are sword fighting movies. I don't see why this one deserved to go on the front page. The whole death thing riding up on a horse does nothing to distinguish this movie from the rest of the crap out there. 0/5 for that, and the screaming pumpkin at the end of the movie. That was just disrespectful.