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Reviews for "Rising Death"

after the initial animations, it was up and down.

Some of the animations were really good, and some were really bad. I honestly don't know how to feel about this. Mostly negative, I think. Not all bad, just the majority of it.

RatherRandomReality responds:

It's ok, don't worry about it.

u get a 2

The movement sucked, the music didnt really fit, and why the fuck was there a dagger on the wall in the prison cell? i dont get it...so you get a 2...

RatherRandomReality responds:

Have you ever tried to animate? Giving me 4/10 for 2 months of hard work is harsh, dude.

Could be improved.

I'll give you credit for the graphics; they were pretty decent and well drawn. Animation was okay-ish too, could be made a little more interesting though.

However, the plot is severely lacking. It just reeks of deus ex machina.

- Convenient brick thing to jump up onto when getting into the building. What sort of deranged designer came up with a jutting brick of all things?

- What sort of weirdo parades around with a strange elaborate tattoo on their head? Granted, it may be some occult symbolism, but furthermore, why did the assassin ( I take it he's one) get a letter with nothing but a symbol to target a person? Generally speaking, people give more explicit instructions.

- If this assassin guy is so strong and stuff, capable of hurling hulking brutes out of windows, and bisecting TWO ARMORED people practically instantaneously in midair, how in the world was his attack parried by a fairly frail-looking person?

- Said frail person proceeds to beat up assassin. Barehanded. Assassin does nothing but stand there and get beaten around. No, the weapons on the floor are of little consequence. No, he doesn't happen to have any other weapons on him, as assassins obviously only use a sword, and his daggers have all been thrown away. /sarcasm

- Person is locked up in a dungeon. With nothing but manacles around his hands, nothing binding him to the wall, or even his legs. Extremely convenient sword on the wall once more. I mean, seriously, which idiot keeps swords in the dungeon?

- Execution of prisoner carried out by who i presume to be the ruler/whatever of the place. No executioner. Pretty cool if you happen to want to assassinate this person with a handy sword you found lying around. /sarcasm

Motif of Death also could have had some more usage, it was promising, but completely botched. (Why'd he have to run to the same place twice? At least a quick cutscene of the souls of the other few people that were killed.) But I won't fault you too much on this, since it's probably difficult to get clear imagery for it.

All in all, I think the problem lies with the plot. Deus ex machina man, if you have to commit it, don't commit it more than ONCE.

RatherRandomReality responds:

First off, I never saw Deus ex machina, I didn't even know what it is but assumed that it's a movie on newgrounds, so I found it, watched it and didn't find even a single similarity comparing it to my movie. It's a pretty good movie by the way.

"If you haven't noticed, there is not a single word spoken in more than 6 mins of animation, except for when the guy with the tattoo shouts the name of his servant. So when it came up to images, I had to use something else instead text to keep the same concept going. You probably do not realize how hard is to tell a story without using speech or written language.

This movie is made so you can watch it no matter where you were born or what languages you know. So putting some stupid instructions, like "Kill a guy that has a tattoo that looks like this on his forehead:" is highly unnecessary and I thought would offend intelligent people.

The "bricks" that the main protagonist steps on are not "bricks" but a system of woodwork, typical in architecture in the mid-centuries, which this movie refers to in a way.

I'm answering your questions:
- "What sort of weirdo parades around with a strange elaborate tattoo on their head?"
- "If this assassin guy is so strong and stuff, how in the world was his attack parried by a fairly frail-looking person?"
- "Execution of prisoner carried out by who i presume to be the ruler/whatever of the place. No executioner."

Like nwsk said...

I think the animation of this flash was good, some parts you could improve a little. There was little mistakes and some other stuff that went wrong. As couple reviewer said, what idiot puts sword at chamber where prisoners and such are put?

And for nwsk: well, if that guy were an assassin, he is stupid, but i dont think he is assassin or at least good assassin (but if he sliced two guys in air, how he cant beat the head dude?).

But if he were assassin, there were couple more things that came to my mind: assassin wont reveal themselves, like at the start (broad daylight) and in the house (they hide themselves, they wont openly fight against big guys, like that hulk).

RatherRandomReality responds:

So after watching 6 minutes of animation that actually made you think and ask all these questions you rate it with a 4 out of 10? This doesn't make much sense.

What plot?

I agree with what yendor87 said. This really needed a plot. I have seen a lot of violent shorts with nothing but music and blood. I gave this a 2/5 because this really is nothing new or interesting. Next time add some plot and you just might have something.

RatherRandomReality responds:

" I gave this a 2/5 because this really is nothing new or interesting."
Things you might reconsider: All architecture, characters (except Death), weapons and small background details are designed by me and do not rip off or try to replicate any other movie out there. I think these do not fall in the category "nothing new". However "interesting" is a matter of opinion and if you felt that it's not interesting there's nothing I can do.