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Reviews for "Rising Death"

yeah that movie was the shit

all my 5 dude
keep it up that was stunning
though i dont fully get why the main char looked like he had jaundice

RatherRandomReality responds:

Haha, yeah, the guy was a little ill in this episode :)
He'll probably get better soon.
More will follow.

Lol way to go!

I really like how I knew sort of what was going to happen because of the D is for death collab. Did you do this before or after that? Great job anyway :D

RatherRandomReality responds:

Thanks, man. First I attached the two parts from "D for Death" together, it just made sense. Then I scanned some more paintings of mine and added the galloping horse. Still no idea that it was gonna be a longer movie. Then the whole story wrapped around what I had, but it was weird, because the ending was there and I had to guide the story to it somehow.

hey damn fine work

great sound awesome drawing love the story i hope you have more comming its a nice idea to work with (the grim reaper is always busy)

RatherRandomReality responds:

Thank you bulldog, I have an idea for another one already. Considering that this one took me 2 months intensive work don't expect it soon though.

very cool

cool artwork and nice story, the pumpkin was nice too,

RatherRandomReality responds:


lol nice movie green samirai

omg lol hulk samurai lol the pumkin face at the end made me jump outa mi seat