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Reviews for "Rising Death"

It wasn't bad, but had problems

I liked the animation, but there were a few problems I had with it. For one, the skin colors hurt my eyes, it was hard to watch cuz of the contrast of all the darkened pigments of skin and such.
I also don't understand why there was a huge ass sword setting on a wall in the middle of a dungeon?
Anyway the animation was pretty solid, but the colors made it kinda un-eye-catching. Work out that problem in your next animation and you should get an even more positive user reaction.

RatherRandomReality responds:

Using untypical colors is a style of mine. I like it that way. I'm not trying to make Flash that will please 100% of the audience. I'm just doing what comes out naturally.

Mine's short, so read it dammit

Stragest episode of the Simpsons I ever saw.

RatherRandomReality responds:

Oh, I read them all, every single one, don't worry.


Yeah I agree with the people in saying why would they put a sword there, but to the guy 2-3 reviews behind me, it wasn't in Japan, it was in another area. Why would there be green skinned people? & compared to most of the stuff on here it is a pretty good grapical design & good animation.

RatherRandomReality responds:

Of course it wasn't in Japan. As it says in the beginning the action takes place "in a distant land". Where exactly I don't even know.

Very intresting however dull..

I liked how it was designed... however my little advice to make it better would be to make it more challenging for the hero Samurai. Overall it was good ,but the short length and how easily he killed them was a bit weak. Don't take this offensive I like your work, keep it up!

RatherRandomReality responds:

Good points. In this flash I tried to escape from my cartoony style and make something more realistic. In a way. I found that to be very difficult, but I'm not giving up and I'll work on a sequel (or prequel) some day.

Pretty Good

It was pretty good,

i think the fighting scenes could do with a bit of work, but overall

i like it

RatherRandomReality responds:

Hey, that's my first movie in which I try realistic fighting scenes, the choreography is much harder to do than it seems, so yeah, I know it can be more fluid and all, but it was a nice study and I'm getting better at it, so the next one should be more resolved. Thanks for reviewing.