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Reviews for "Rising Death"

Nice movie

hehe the eyes of death reminded me of the discworld novels...

RatherRandomReality responds:

Hey, Discworld. These used to be my favorite. You are totally right, but I never thought of Josh Kirby's Death when I drew mine. Or maybe subconsciously.


Great animation, excellent choice of music. Only thing I would have changed is the ending...not sure why there would be a sword on a prison wall. But superb nonetheless.

RatherRandomReality responds:

Agreed on everything.

not bad at all

the animation was great and the music was really good. keep up the great work and can't wait to see more from you

RatherRandomReality responds:

More is coming soon, man. Different, though, very different.


animation was great, but the fight scenes could have been better. and i loved the Death! good work!


You used the common, yet stll kewl impersonation of Death... and I saw how hard you worked by the look of the graphics... not that special, yet very good...

I also noticed you used Punk-o-Matic to make the ending music, or did you? I'm not sure, but i know I heard that using Punk-o-matic....

You win... i scored ya a 5....

Peace out, ROCK ON!!!

RatherRandomReality responds:

Yes, it is Punk-o-matic.
Thanks for reviewing.