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Reviews for "Rising Death"

Great animation, good art, no story.

Excellent art and animation. Your 300-style blood effects were very nice, though immediately recognizable. I'll say that the art was a bit inconsistent in regards to style, so defining your own look might be something to work on that would really push things forward.

Your biggest weakness, I would say, was story. Nothing really interesting happened here, and I found myself bored. Why did he have to go there? Why did they wait a week to kill him? What was anyone in this fighting for? You really didn't have much of a plot, and with art and animation as solid as you've got I feel like you shouldn't skip out on good story telling. Doing that cheapens your ability, and you have a lot of talent. Take some appreciation of literature classes, read a few books on writing, and listen to the commentary in movies. Great work so far!

RatherRandomReality responds:

You know, it's funny, I expected more people to mention something about the blood being ripped off 300. You are the first one to say that.
I read all the reviews and take notes to improve when I feel the comments are trying to help, like in this case.
It is good that you have all these questions. I like to make people wondering about stuff. I will not answer any of them, though, sorry.
Some of your questions treat this cartoon as it is supposed to be a full length movie. After all, it's a 6 minute long flash. Maybe there's gonna be a sequel, maybe a prequel, who knows.

2 questions!

Why was there a sword in his cell?!....i didn't get that part...if i was to put someone in jail i wouldn't give him a weapon...

second question, why did the samurai was a greenish color?...just wondering.

Anyway it's a good movie but i don't know if it's only me since i don't usually read reviews (except the 2 latest ones) but i there seems to be a lack of sounds in the movie. I mean there was no "ambiance".

Still good job on this!

RatherRandomReality responds:

The answers to your questions are: 1. why the hell not. 2. why the hell not.
When you emphasize on a word, try to get it spelled right. It's "ambience". And I really don't understand what you mean by that.
Thank you for reviewing, anyways


Cool story, with okay graphics and animation.

A note for any would-be prison makers: Don't put swords on the wall!

RatherRandomReality responds:

Yeah, exactly :)

Very intresting however dull..

I liked how it was designed... however my little advice to make it better would be to make it more challenging for the hero Samurai. Overall it was good ,but the short length and how easily he killed them was a bit weak. Don't take this offensive I like your work, keep it up!

RatherRandomReality responds:

Good points. In this flash I tried to escape from my cartoony style and make something more realistic. In a way. I found that to be very difficult, but I'm not giving up and I'll work on a sequel (or prequel) some day.

the sword

y would u put a sword in a prison its like asking him to break out wow a cinderella story

RatherRandomReality responds:

You created your account today and you are giving people shit already! Excellent.