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Reviews for "Rising Death"


This cartoon is so good! Oh, and the song at the end, I'm pretty sure that it was made with punk-o-matic. :)

RatherRandomReality responds:

Yes it is :)


some of backround pictures seens to be oil printing haha
but wat is ths blue thing that death sucked from the dead guy into his sleeve?
y did the green dude went into the castle to kill the yellow guys?

RatherRandomReality responds:

I am not sure about the answers of your questions.
But I like the review score :)


great music and great movie it was rly thought out and i liked it 4/5

RatherRandomReality responds:

Thanks, I'm happy you liked it.


lol great animation lots of blood and stuff and i got a little fright at the end and wat happens with death i must know

RatherRandomReality responds:

Death may feature in a sequel for next Halloween. He'll take a rest for a while.

very nice.

lol punk-o-matic for the music.

RatherRandomReality responds:

Yes, punk-o-matic is the greatest flash ever made.