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Reviews for "Rising Death"


It was good, kinda weird how the one guy was able to beat the shizz outta him tho. Also, the sword in the dungeon... why would they put one there? IT MAKES NO SENSE!

RatherRandomReality responds:

I know it makes no sense but not everything in life does.


Really, the animation was incredible, and you obviously took a lot of attention to detail. the various symbols everywhere were beautiful, and I love that you even went so far as to put symbols on the main character's sword. I would never suggest you add any major dialouge to this, because the fact that there were no detailed conversations made it even more unique. The action and storyline were flawless, and it ended perfectly. If I could give you more than ten stars, I would. I notice in a response to another review you mentioned the reason he was discolored was due to being ill. Can I assume this will come up in perhaps another flash?

RatherRandomReality responds:

Thanks for the thorough review. Originally I didn't intend a sequel but now theres ideas floating in my head. Maybe something for next Halloween :)

rlly good

i liked the trick at the end. animation was l33t.

RatherRandomReality responds:

Thank you kindly.

Pretty cool

Good animation,awesome concept, but you lost me by putting that sword on the wall. Not too cool.

RatherRandomReality responds:

That sword was staying there for months, man.


That was pretty good. I always love movies with a lot of violence and blood.

RatherRandomReality responds:

Well, maybe a better score, ah?