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Reviews for "Rising Death"


animation was great, but the fight scenes could have been better. and i loved the Death! good work!

had potential

great animation, sound effects and music. however your style and plot are underutilized. i can think of a much better way for that to have turned out. if i knew how to do flash i'd make it.

RatherRandomReality responds:

I am always open to suggestions. If you wanna see some of your ideas animated, just PM me. If I like it I'll give you credit in my animation.


I remember that!

Very good style in art, though some scenes moved a bit slow.

RatherRandomReality responds:

I agree it could have been better. But I'm happy with the final result.

I don't know...

Visually it was stunning, however the action scenes were so choppy. Maybe a little more fluid movement would have helped. Also there wasn't enough to the plot, why was the main character wanting to kill the man with the tattoo? Frankly it didn't make much sense to me.

RatherRandomReality responds:

The movie is kinda graphic intensive, so the choppy action scenes may be on your end if your computer is old.. There is a "change quality" option because of that.
You want to know all the answers in the world from a 6 minute flash cartoon. Haven't you thought that I may come up with a sequel or a prequel where I can have answers for your questions?

Good, really good

I loved the artwork, a lot of it was really trippy, especially making the main character green, that was really cool, the only thing i could suggest is making the animation a little smother, like more fluid movement, like in the kills and quick motions and all, really good otherwise, and that part with the hands at the beginning looked almost real, verry beautiful, keep up the good work.

RatherRandomReality responds:

Thanks for taking time to comment and for the nice words.