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Reviews for "Rising Death"

not bad

The samuri didnt feel right, if hes goin to have the jap samuri hair and jap sword, make him japanese. Everything else was good. Oh btw, what did you use to make your punkomatic song an mp3?

RatherRandomReality responds:

Haha, ok, the way I did it is the most ridiculous you can think of:
I played it from Punk-o-matic on my speakers and at the same time recorded it with my mic. Surprisingly I didn't loose much quality this way and it sounds ok.

pretty good

just try using different music next time, it throu off the feel of the hole thing

RatherRandomReality responds:

I think when people get decapitated this music fits well. No?

I like it

I liked the overall story and the sense of tension with the galloping Grim Reaper. It was good and bloody and just generally cool. The animation could use a touch of improvement, though. Oh, and why was the main guy green?

RatherRandomReality responds:

He is not green. He had a hangover, is all.

very good

nice done i like the face of the pumpkin

RatherRandomReality responds:

This pumpkin stays as my desktop image for two months now.
Thank you for watching my movie!

very cool

cool artwork and nice story, the pumpkin was nice too,

RatherRandomReality responds: