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Reviews for "Rising Death"


awesome loved the animation, so keep up the good work

RatherRandomReality responds:

I will!


Yeah I agree with the people in saying why would they put a sword there, but to the guy 2-3 reviews behind me, it wasn't in Japan, it was in another area. Why would there be green skinned people? & compared to most of the stuff on here it is a pretty good grapical design & good animation.

RatherRandomReality responds:

Of course it wasn't in Japan. As it says in the beginning the action takes place "in a distant land". Where exactly I don't even know.


ok what the hell why would they put in a prison a sword it simply does not make sense

RatherRandomReality responds:

Yeah, so give me a 4 out of 10 because of that. Do you give me any feedback how to improve? No.

Nothing above the ordinary

The animation was OK, lacking at times, nothing genre-defining and nothing utterly bad either.

With that kind of graphical skills you could have easily made something more interesting.

The story was lacking. First the minute details, especially the windows, seemed like out of this age. Samrai-age japan didn't use glass windows, especially the european 4-part kind. The architecture wasn't entirely right but I can forgive that.

But what is beyond me is why would anyone put a weapon on display in the middle of a prison cell?! Ever seen prison walls decorated with loaded weapons? This thing here makes exactly as much sense.

RatherRandomReality responds:

"Samrai-age japan didn't use glass windows, especially the european 4-part kind."....
Samurai-age Japan?????????????
What exactly leads you to the conclusion that the action takes place in Samurai-Japan? Did the city look like it? Or any of the characters? Oh, one guy has a garment that kinda looks like a kimono and a sword that kinda looks like a katana, but it's not and suddenly you have a problem with the windows...
Why does the action have to take place anywhere in history. It is a made up environment, I don't try to replicate any moment of history.


hey I barely vote 4 shit on NewGrounds u fuckin rock u should make more like this

RatherRandomReality responds:

Thanks, dude. I'll probably come up with a sequel for next Halloween.