Reviews for "Edd Egg - Kingdom Hearts"

Okay Wow

WhyTF was sora a girl! hes a guy he's with kairi i thought that was kinda obvious! and idk what people are talking about i understand donald completly in KH1/KH2/KHCOM. bTw its a girl name No idea why they gave a girl name but its a guy okay hes a guy and hes not gay if thats the understanding of it. Anyways All Biased opinions aside awesome flash man u explained the game as the video was playing so those who havent played are understanding WTF is going on Seriously Hilarious I mean really funny Great job


good but out of nowhere

WTF boyfriend

didn't now there were a couple


I simply can not wait for kh3 keyblade wars.
i herd that lightning from ff13 is going to be in it

Gawrsh :S

He actually does a pretty good Goofy Impression :S