Reviews for "Indian Arranged Marriage"


the game is superb

Good game!

I had a problem in the final dance where no matter how many times I clicked on people their happiness meter never went up. Other than that, good!


its ok, but i think its very dificult make a indian marriage... they shoul choose they mid orange, live by themselfs.
but this game teachs a lot and i think its great so 10/10

Good cultural flash

Nicely done and educational, thanks.

Also I should mention that different systems have their pros and cons, down here in the US we have almost a 50% divorce rate by some estimates, so it's hard to argue if our system works or not - also it's hard to say if the problem lies there or elsewhere.

At the same time, it's hard to imagine marriage with someone one barely knows, so it's a tossup.

Thanks for putting this on the table to debate though.

=P found it a bit strange but okie

im with the guy in the bottom :D