Reviews for "Thumb Stare"

Not that great.

What a horrible way to generalize asian people.

The movie wasn't even a minute long, and had no plot, nor was it entirely funny.

Please make future flashes longer and more plot derived.

El-Cid responds:


eeezzz ok.

i dint understand the chinese people.


Awsome but what the fuck?

El-Cid responds:


That was so Ren and Stimpy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway i like it, the idea of a thumb drinkin cofee while havin a dump was fun.
When i say that was like ren and stimpy is not to imply you are not original, you seem to be influenced, but not in a creative way, just the style and art. I mean you are positively influenced.


i didnt get it. it looks experimental.