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Reviews for "Light the Darkness"


...yeh, nothing to complain.

Had to listen it few times, it's so lovely (:

SuperGoodSound responds:



It's calming and rather moody song...
...I really have no words to say about this...

SuperGoodSound responds:

it is very moody, i find i am often the same


this is really a great song keep up the good work on stuff like this!

SuperGoodSound responds:

i always try my hardest ;)

Great Song! It Was So Beutiful! I Can't Belive Diz Betrayed The Kids In Riddle Transfer

Without nighttime, there's always day, without daytime, there's always night, without corruption, there's always peace, without peace, there's always corruption, without painful thorns, there's always beautiful roses, without beautiful roses, there's always painful thorns...whoops, sorry, got little carried away