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Reviews for "Why wasn't this BLAMMED"

...I must say...

I DO have to give U some points for the ED audio in the background....but after that, U get 1...
Pointless as usual...

Heil responds:



Why are their so many authors if this is just a photo that says "/flash" and the laugh of Ed?

Heil responds:

hard work

Ed is the king of laughs

That is the reason it probably passed. Heck I gave you a 2 simply because I could hear him. I to am amazed at how stuff like this gets in. That's a lot of people for such a simple project too but regardless it was worth a quick laugh and I thank you for that. It could use a picture as well if you are going to go that far next time.

Heil responds:


we all do

oh oh I know! it coz you hav like 10 authors, so it passed easily.

Heil responds:


What he said

Odysseus sums it up pretty much, established artists of any quality have a good chance of getting submissions through. For most people, the only incentive to vote is to stack up numbers within the shortest timespan possible.
These people just on an under judgement as soon as it appears, instantly assess the title and icon, then look at the artist. If they haven't voted by then, they might have a glance at the artist's profile and flick open their quick flash jump for a few seconds.
It's basically about who you are, rather than what you do.

Heil responds:

go die in a hole somewhere.