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Reviews for "Why wasn't this BLAMMED"


Apparently I cant dislike a flash and give constructive criticism without getting banned, but people who write reviews that just say it sucks are ok.
It's just a useless spam flash with sound from my favorite childhood tv show. no offense I know you didnt try to make a masterpiece or anything like that.lol. Im just not going to 5 it because it has sound from a well known show like some people did.
That is a good question though, how in the world did this flash pass? lol.
congrats on turd of the week (;
fuck you, that aint abusive, I even tried to sugar coat it so I wouldnt get banned.

Heil responds:

youre still a faggot

a compelling story

full of unexpected plot twists and characters so lifelike they were almost palpable. three middle fingers up thank you have a nice day. I love you.

Heil responds:

i know


Did you get the laughter from Ed, Edd, and Eddy?

Heil responds:

your ass


Really, dont know it only says </FLASH> Nothing special really

Heil responds:

nither are you

Am I right?

Is it just me or is the laughing a loop of laugh by the scarecrow in "the Wizard of Oz"? Anyway, not quite as good as Strawberry clocks "B", but with preactise, you'll grow up to be just that good :D

Heil responds:

fuck off and die