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Shout out to @travsaus for megaphone tankman!

Reviews for "Why wasn't this BLAMMED"


That was funny, yup no effort, but so what its funny... just lets hope there doesnt come any Why-wasn't-this-blammed-crew out of this though, although it is WAY better then B which the clock crew was formed out of...

Heil responds:


So um </flash>

That laughing and music was from Ed Edd n' Eddy, I am suprized how this didn't get blammed, but I liked it. I liked it for the same reason I liked "How da bitch stole Xmas!!".

Heil responds:


That was AWESOME!!!

it made me cry ;D it made me laugh =D it made my scared O; and made me feel all happy inside :^). Truly a work of art i demand a sequel i know making a sequel would take a lot of time and money but try your best.

But seriously people Why wasn't this BLAMMED!

Heil responds:



this flash has no point really. there's no real flash "animation" here. the sound is repetative and poor. no reason this should be here. hat's all there was. No idea why my last comment was removed. not enough criticism? there's nothing on here to critique for one thing. quite frankly this is a waste of space on newgrounds. don't submit things without at least a small point. something truly funny would be nice

Heil responds:

blah blah blah


I almost died.

Heil responds: