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Reviews for "Why wasn't this BLAMMED"

this is perfect

this passed and my animation was blammed
this was too good
even better than all animations i've seen before
and it got a 1.06 u should have gotten a 5.00/5

Heil responds:



evrey1 loves/loved big ed from ed edd and eddy! :D it was sorta funny and yeah i see alot worse...lol

Heil responds:

worse than just text and sound

Heh heh...

Three for makin' me laugh. Wish it could've been funnier and random.

Heil responds:



That was truly...not...anything... I gave you a two because I assume you were going for some sort of meta-flash experience where we really think about what we're doing with our art and our lives. But I'm pretty sure you just did it to goof around.

Thanks anyways!

Heil responds:


thnx for teh memory

i know this is eds voice from ed ed and eddy..... sad to say i cant blam it cause it makes me laugh.........not to mention they rnt makigna ny new episodes ....... its like a peice of momory you dont want to forget right away... * for me at least*

3 for teh memories!

Heil responds: