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Reviews for "Why wasn't this BLAMMED"


One of the best.

Heil responds:

THE best

Its Amazing

Good Animation, Great Sound, My 2 favorite colors, Brillant.

Heil responds:


This is why.

I dont want this to be blamed either so heres your five!

Heil responds:


This Rocked...

10/10... What else can I say?

Heil responds:

how cool it was


An "end Flash" sort of "tag" is all that is portrayed, and yet this Flash seems to have no end. It's like some sort of paradoxical anomaly challenging the very meaning of life as we know it...

Nah, nevermind... it is pretty much just a turd. And its not even really juicy or all that smelly. More like one of those ghost turds that shoot straight down the pipes and don't even require a good wiping. Next time... include some more shit.

Heil responds: