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Reviews for "Why wasn't this BLAMMED"

What he said

Odysseus sums it up pretty much, established artists of any quality have a good chance of getting submissions through. For most people, the only incentive to vote is to stack up numbers within the shortest timespan possible.
These people just on an under judgement as soon as it appears, instantly assess the title and icon, then look at the artist. If they haven't voted by then, they might have a glance at the artist's profile and flick open their quick flash jump for a few seconds.
It's basically about who you are, rather than what you do.

Heil responds:

go die in a hole somewhere.

Why wasn't it blammed? I'll tell you...

What you're seeing here is a phenomena that occurs to flash artists such as yourself, the Kitty Krew, Fleek, F4g0T, Orangebeef, Stagbeetle, the Star Syndicate, etc. People who actually vote while a submission is "Under Judgment" are, more than likely, trying to advance their Blam/Protect score. Now, since the ranking system puts equal weight on both blams and protects, their is little incentive to blam flash like this during judgment. I'd wager to say many users have vote 0 several times before, only to lose out on Blam/Protect points.

When a new flash is introduced, the user looks at the name artist. When they see your name, they are more apt to auto-vote favorably and usher in the inevitable. Due to their own experience, they know all of these artists have a history of making bad flashes that more often than not pass. Why should the user waste their time voting zero? It's more pragmatism than anything. They are just advancing the stats on their profile page.

Heil responds:

and this has nothing to do with the content of the flash faggot


lol not blammed and nearly nothing in it lolz amazing luck:O

Heil responds:


...I must say...

I DO have to give U some points for the ED audio in the background....but after that, U get 1...
Pointless as usual...

Heil responds:



Not near funny. And besides, </flash> is in the wrong place. Normally it would be at the bottom right corner OUTSIDE the flash application. Looks like you need to be more clever.

Heil responds:

looks like youre a faggot