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Reviews for "Connecting"

Bridge Building Game?

Very similar to the bridge building game however, the camera controls got annoying, the connecting would sometimes screw up, and the physics were a bit...'creative'?

A decent game. :P

why is peopledoing this

they think its not fun it is (some how i cant get pass lvl 2) to hard what make it fun

This game sucks.

The physics engine is fucked up.

But... I agree that other people find this.... Fun.

i loved it.

it was unique and defanitly took some working with a phisics engine and all. good job man.

and i can beat it right now, but i JUST got on the "Jumping" level.
yea its hard as shit. I love that. the reason its not impossible is because there are SO many ways to go about each level. Just learn FUCKING BASIC PHYSICS PEOPLE! if you know a ball will roll down a hill to meet a upward force, THE BALL WILL GO UP!
its simple stuff here. Damn.

good game man. REALLY Good game.


I don't know what their talking about, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. One thing that you might want to mention, is that the given points are key. I beat it, took me a hella long time but it was fun. I want moar like this. Moar physics/architectural puzzles.