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Reviews for "Connecting"

This game is a master peice.

Why are people rating it 0?
It is brilliant, so simple and the options to complete levels can be surprisingly ingenious.

I used the smallest amount of beams for one of them... i was just testing the first part of the level to see what would happened and somehow i bounced it into the end off every wall.

i kinda liked this game

i kinda liked this game but after a while i got bored


JESUS POT SMOKING ACID ADDICTED MOTHER FUCKING CHRIST! This game is a true masterpiece. I played it for hours and hours on end and it is still easily the most funnest, Most challenging, Compelling and all around stunning game that I have ever played in my whole lifetime. The romantic storyline makes me want to cry and the characters are very well thought up and intreging.I was so flabbergasted when I started and saw the comments and I thought to my self MOTHERFUCKER THESE GUYS ARE ASSHOLES. I think it is horrendous how anyone could not think that this game is the most jaw dropping spectacular game ever!!!
And don't even get me started on the deliciously inventive graphics.
All around great game, 10 out of 10!


u can never win this GAME!

Dude, wtf..

How the fuck are you supposed to hold the god damn thing up if the support doesn't even work?

Fix that damn engine. :P