Reviews for "From The Deep"

truly amazing

im really loving this! 5|5 10|10 + download


This is some great stuff man. The piano was beautiful and the builds were fantastic. As far as the bassline goes, it was balanced very well. The phaser could be a bit quieter, but overall this is a phenomenal track. Keep it up!

codbarley responds:

Thanks so much! I still have a lot of nitpicks about it but my computer was built in the stone age so i cant do much else without the computer crashing :/

I like it!

Good song, and it only gets better. It gives me a happy feeling. Good Job, fair sir!

codbarley responds:

I'm glad it makes you feel that way.

Well, sounds pretty good.

Simple, yet pretty cool. Can't make any bad points about it.

Just lean back...

...and let codbarley's music take you on a crazy trip. I love it dude.