Reviews for "tankman 2 dress up doll Q"

Big improvements!!!

But... I don't know if this is supposed to happen but, if you change background twice at the bar, the body disappears! And also the shoulder pads need to go over his left arm. Mainly good though! Much improvement from last time, although some of the arms don't quite work, you can barely see them. Quite liked the subtle pre-loader too though. Maybe a random iteration of "cock joke" at some point...? Just me? Oh well...

Pretty good but..

Well when you try to put on the arms they just dont blend in with your character.. And you cant really put on arms... But its still good :) I look forward to your flash games in the future!

No room.

Not alot of room , but good job.

thankmen pwnz

i know it's a BETA version of the first one but i really can't tell the difference 4/5 and 7/10