Reviews for "tankman 2 dress up doll Q"

Sweet dude

All my 5 are belong to this flash.

good but

should have included the enemies from tankmen one in it

killer34578 responds:

check the new one xD


This was actually a really good Tankmen dress up doll game. Their are those who have tried before but were striken down. Only have you been able to make one that has occupied me for a while. The only thing I think that should be fixed would be a more parts. Its cool that you have all the old peopls stuff, but a few original parts would make this damn near perfect!

better than last time

better than last time.

Don't let the haters shake you

There are pleanty of other flash dolls out there and nobody accused their creators of "ripping off" someone else's art. Isn't the point of a dress-up to come as close to the original as possible anyway? This isn't theft, it's a nice homage to beloved NG characters. Fix the bugs, maybe add some more features and they'll be singing your praises next time. Anybody who doesn't is simply jealous they didn't think of it first.
Good stuff.