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Reviews for "Short for Halloween"


Terrifying, Creepy Music.
..Poor kid :/

Freakin' Scary Dx

Omgah, really scary !! x3 The music is goin PERFECTLY with the movie!! Nice animation!! The devil is SO freakin' scary when he move down his head with the music like Duuuuuuuuuh Dx!! And when he put the candy in the head, I almost yelled :O Lawl w/e, goin' to my favorites ;)

Nice & creepy

At first, I thought this was just an imitation of ChildrenRSkary, but the style and animation is so much more three dimensional and with greater color usage for the elements of the artwork. The ending is surprisingly dark, and the story completely visual. Very stylish and delightfully aloof to the darkness of the conclusion. I generally like Flash movies that rely on visual storytelling, like this one, that utilize all the tools of character design, expression and articulation. Very well done!


that was a brilliant one. very disturbing too ... ofcourse in a brilliant way..


That was so awesome, wow

The lil black thing should have ran