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Reviews for "tankman 2 dress up doll X"


aww.....i think its kinda odd =( its almost the same in each one.

Mimi ^__~

Not bad, nice work for the most part.

I find it a little dull, that does not mean it is bad by any means. Yet I am with another reviewer who said you should write your own comics with the what you designed here. I do dig the style and concept. Keep up the good work buddy and let it be known you have some talent.


I see improvement. Can I nit pick?

Things I liked:
New backgrounds- I especially enjoyed the background where you can have people sitting at the bar.

More items- More ways to customize my Tankman! Woot!

Minor Problems:

Sniper Rifle- The rifle should be in a layer behind the left arm, so that you can slide it under and make it appear that he's holding it. The rifle looks a bit foolish lying on top of his arm right now.

Arms- 90 degree elbow bends have very limited range. It might be nice to have a resting arm or a straight arm, or even a different bend. Other than the stripes, there's very little variety in arms.

Ideas for the future- Make your own Tankman comics! Use your doll program, add word bubbles (possible layer objects) and a screenshot option. Voila!

killer34578 responds:

tanx for the tips ill work on it in the next version


lol. pretty good

I made a dress up game....

And it got blamed to hell. Now i see why.