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Reviews for "Mass Attack"

Damn ... i love it and especially the sound ...

This game is really cool but i'd say the best is the music ... could listen to it all day.

Nice ... keep up the good work

That was pretty awesome! Nice job!

FINALLY GOT OVER LVL7!!! Too bad so many people cheat it though...what would be a very good final score? I think i had around 429 or sumthing... Anyway i loved the whole game, The gameplay was awesome, never jumpy or anything in particular, and the music was a major keep-me-going thing :D if it wasn't for the music i'd probably lose my nerve and bang at my keyboard in a frenzied rage :P Nice game...Sequel perhaps?

Great Game

Very original. Lots of fun with just the right amount of challenge. Best I have seen in a while.

Hi-Yah! I'm a balance ninja!

While it is impossible later on, this game kept me glued to my seat! This is the most fun I've had with balance since I went cow tipping that one time!


Love the music!

It's very fun, very tough on lvl(s) 6-7!

1 problemo, the weight on the things your suposed to be makeing exactly the same, go away, :( it would be much more useful if it stayed, so you could use more tactics.

Great Job!