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Reviews for "Mass Attack"

i think i found a glitch... :)

when you fail, there is a screen where you can choose continue or quit, but you can put masses on teh balance freely. if you then manage it to make the weights equal (not so hard with unlimites masses) the continue or quit screen dissappears, and you are in a normal game screen where you can put unlimited masses, and even if you get the goal, it doesnt end. the only way to end it it to put a very big mass so it drops to far and you die again.

sorry if you couldnt follow it, or if it was meant so.

Very fun and very hard!

I loved it! It can be very challenging and tough at times but its also a one of a kind game with a nice calm look to and nice relaxing music.

To improve the game I would make it so after the balls scale up in size they get smaller again in size so the game is a little bit more beat able.


sorry to post this but i have to its too funny not too lol

if you fail just keep dropping weights and when you get close it still lets you continue onto the next level. NICE GAME 3

clever and challenging

this is so hard when you get to use only one weight. this is very well made and nice to play but the music sucks

Great =]

This was a great game very hard but fun keep it up!!!