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Reviews for "Mass Attack"


its good if ur gd @ maths which i am being all seeing and all knowing


This is an awesome game. It gets a bit frustrating later on but still very fun. Also, I really liked the music. Overall, it's worth the effort you put in.
Make more please.


Good game and a very good idea. The only thing that lets this game down is that its not actually fun to continuously grow spheres on the end of your mouse to balance out some scales for more than 10 minutes.

Good job though.

Hi-Yah! I'm a balance ninja!

While it is impossible later on, this game kept me glued to my seat! This is the most fun I've had with balance since I went cow tipping that one time!

Not bad

One major flaw tho: I made it quite far in the game, and clicked on the wrong button making the tab close. Thus all game progress lost.

Apart from that, not too bad, but you shouldn't expect a good score without atleast a damn save function.