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Reviews for "Mass Attack"

lol i know why its addicting

b4 i say why tho lemme just say i got up to lvl 7, just barely - couldnt beat it so i took a break to write this: its because our stupid little egos - or not so little as the case may be - demand a game thats seemingly so simple be won, however since its not quite so simple, especially in later levels or when u first start off (cause judgment that soon is terrible) and since our egos refuse to admit that... we get stuck playing it for all eternity or at least until we win. ^.^ tho its still very fun, egos aside

exellent game with exellent music

i love this game(at least up to level 4 :3) well done and i want more!

Good game.....

But can be frustrating at times though, especially when the accuracy's not there.

Cheers :)

Good but frusterating

It is a good game but slightly frustrating if you're not very accurate. I would like there to be a reward for getting it right on the first ball or getting it right on the mark. Such as an extra chance on that particular level so if you miss one you don't have to go all the way back to 1/4. That is what ultimately made me stop playing. I couldn't get past the last stage of level 5 and after making it through the first 3 stages and bombing it on the fourth, starting the stage over again doesn't sound appealing.


It's really difficult but it's great!