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Reviews for "Mass Attack"

very very Challenging

very fun but incredibly hard after the 5th level (for meh :( )


I got to the 7th level and after a million tries I gave up.

But, an interesting game. Very challenging, great job.

i liked it

i agree with Col-Kernel needs 2 be able to save but i like the music haha


This was a very fun game.I got to level 5 part 3/4.And if you are going to make a second soon, Make all the levels have diferent things to balance for example:Make the last level so you have to balance metal Respect the puff!

Great game but you dont wanna play more than once.

I didn't wanna quit because I couldn't save my place. Maybe if I could save my place I might play again, but as of yet no. The thing is, though that I quit against my own will. I was on the last section of level 7 and accidentally clicked a link at the bottom of the window. T_T