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Reviews for "Mass Attack"

Nicely done.

I believe this is the first game I've commented on. Nicely done, kbaum. The simple, colorful art style really stuck out to me. Gameply was addictive and fun. I kept telling myself, "Ok, only one more try then I'm done." yet continued to play. Only thing I would improve would be the background music and maybe different sounds for different weight balls. Also, if you mute it once, you can never get it unmuted again. But regardless, In my opinion, this was one of the better ways to pass my time on NG. Keep up the good work. - MW

great game

Good game man, even though I can't get past third level part 4 :P
well done :)

Very Challenging!!!

Wow there was never a game that got me more frustrated than this... and kept me coming back for more. Very difficult yet addicting. Great game.


all i have to say is sweet

Simple and interesting

A nice concept for a flash game and very well made. Good job!