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Reviews for "Mass Attack"


it's the best puzzle i've ever played.. i don't play too many.. cuz my head can't take them all xD... but i saw this and thought it was interesting.. i played it and got to lv 5!! (aww, i wanted eternal fame X3) i have to say it's the best puzzle ever 'cuz it's so addicttive and so fun...very simple as well... keep up your (very) good job :D

Fun untill it gets frustrating

This would be a great game if it wasn't for the fact that every time you lose by just 6 points you go back to part 1, gets frustrating when you get to part 4 several times and lose. Would do better with a difficulty setting where you could pick a greater distance between the balances before losing

Very Good!

I have to say, i mostly think puzzle games are stupid, but this one is very addicting! Good job!


Rabi louis would be proud

Not bad

Pretty good overall but I found a few glitchs.