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Reviews for "Mass Attack"


Its a good game but after i figured out how to glitch it and always win within 1 or 0 it was far to easy , and as such i shall tell everyone of it , when the weights are dropping you can start making your own weight and if you catch em in the air as they are falling they stop , and you can move your weight around to push them off the side and as such you always win basicly , pls fix this , but other then that its an awesome game


AW3SOm3 G4M3!!!!!



one of my favs

also...what is the name of the song in the game?


two complaints. first, because the size of the ball was increasing by diameter instead of mass, it was almost impossible to be very accurate once the ball got larger. dunno if that was on purpose or what, but it was a major pain. second, after trying for twenty minutes to use a single ball to get within two units, the music started to become...infuriating. just sayin, keep up the good work though!


i am so awesome at this game.
but i got to level seven.. and when it was scoring my weight i clicked again and another ball came out.
then the game glitched and didn't continue.
i was very upset. :[

Great puzzle game

I got to level 7 and got kinda excited with a 211 and then found people who had 0's and 1's is this because of so glitch because I find that almost impossible to get that low of a score. Maybe I just suck though :P