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Reviews for "Naval Fighter"

pretty good

i like your graphics

I had to play this game to the end.

I love these kinds of games but yours had more than three things that set it apart from the other ones. Like Marasmu said, "the gun barrel over heat concept" and also, the fact that you don't need to start the whole game over again when you die.
One more thing I like; as the game progresses it does not get extremely overwhelming. This game was very enjoyable, good job!

Nice one.

Great shooter. Not overloaded with powerups. I like the gun barrel overheat conceit. Bravo.


Sweet graphics and nice gameplay, needs more responsive controls and more power-ups. Good job!

Its kewl <3

Just needs a control tweek for moving, make it to where you move with the arrow keys. That allways seemed alot easier to me.