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Reviews for "Naval Fighter"


I like it but, not very many improvements, you lose health way too fast, and basically,all the planes are the same.


there really wasnt much room too lfy around when facing the bosses....so its kinda gay..not many powerups...and the armor was fucking stupid..one shot and you lose almost 2/4 of your armor ~on all planes~ so only a 6/10 2/5

good gameplay

the game was great all around but it lacked cool power-ups


ausome one of my best

Fun game.

Really nice game you have here :3

It wasn't that hard at all, somewhat easy to be honest xP I liked how each plane was specialized in either speed/armor/power, that was nice.

The storyline wasn't bad. The powerups were few and far between, which I personally liked, as it didn't make the game WAY too easy, though there were way to many health power-ups, especially in that on e level with all the ships, you kill one, get health, kill another adn get another health power up xDD

Anyways, it was an enjoyable little shooter, please make another :DDD