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Reviews for "Naval Fighter"

This game is addictive!

This game is really fun the plane fighting in this game is great i would prefer more planes power ups and enemies to blow up but either way its a great and addictive game.


i like it..didn't play much kept dying but i thnk a roll feature for the plane would be cool...maybe pass in between some of those bullets and more powerups .
nice graphics animations music


10 10

Great game

very good game. The different planes avalable made it more fun, and useing torpiedos to distroy targets awesome.

I apologize for any misspellings of words i am a bit tired.

Good Game

Needs weapon upgrades and plane upgrades, but a good game overall! Really easy on this laptop I have because I tap the touch screen mouse thing 5 times and half a bazzillion bullets come out! Love it!