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Reviews for "Naval Fighter"


I WISH YOU could increase the armer in the some as you go along.

Good but formulaic

Things i would have liked to see:
* more surprising, deadlier enemies with less predictable waves
* a real effect of mission performance on rank and medals, opening up new planes/upgrades/weapons.

Good, but Could be improved

The Thing I would have liked to see the most is the upgrades become permanent on the craft. But Otherwise it's a very nice game

Good job!!

I love playing these retro-style games! Great job! The only thing I'd like to see in this game is either more power-ups or a way to customize and improve your plane's stats.


Yes it twas a good game. But when it says you get a team. You should get A TEAM.... you know what it would make it better? If you could play online and you'd be allied up with others playing the game... yeah that'd be good. Or if it was two player anyway. You know if a friend wants to play that's at your house. But yeah good game anyway. Oh and if you could get new planes and new guns. Although I didn't get that far so I wouldn't know if you got new planes. Anyway yeah good game. I gave an 8 because it was a good game, but not the best. Looking forward to seeing mroe of your flashes though.