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Reviews for "Naval Fighter"

this is a great game

This game is great. keep up the good work


AWSOME GAME! realy had fun whit it, just the music got boring and iritanting afther a while but the again i playt it for almost 1 our


Asome game, good story, good graphic, only miss one thing, able to save would be great


the good:
it's a nice shooter with above average graphics and great controls.
the sounds are very repetitive, but they are nevertheless good.
i also liked the "overheating"-feature. it prevents that one just flies through the level with the mouse button pressed all the time

the bad:
i think it was a little bit too easy, but then again i haven't played it that long, so i might be wrong here.
the music gets boring pretty fast, but at least one has the option to turn it off.

the ugly:
it's a good shoter - as i've already written - and it's good to kill some time.
it was a bit too easy for my taste. especially in the first level the enemys hardly ever shot at me, so that wasn't that big of a challenge.
the music was too repitive, so you might want to add some more music that the player can choose from. and some more various explosion sounds would be nice, too.


very good game, liked the powerups, played it for 1 hour,^^