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Reviews for "Naval Fighter"


This game is a very nice flying shooter. I love the chance to choose 3 different planes with thier advantages and disadvantages. The level with all the battleships was intense.. that was my favorite level. Good Job with this game


It is a fun game, a bit too easy and could use more gameplay mechanics like upgrades and different power ups. For a short game it gets slightly repetitive. Nice clear graphics. Very interesting fun gameplay just slighty plain. A bit of touches here and there and you got an excellent game.

Nice game but could use a little work.

Theres is no question that this is a fun game but what its lacking is some upgrades. It would be a lot more fun if you earned point for shooting stuff that you could spend on plane upgrades!

Cool game!

But I had to stop, still need to learn...@!*&!#@ testweek


There was a bug at the 2nd boss.

I didn't killed the last enemy before the 2nd boss. After the bossfight he was still alive and i coudln't kill him.
Of Course the game didn't continue.

Anyways, good work :)