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Reviews for "Get Over It"

Absolute Jam-able-ness-ocity!

This song, is so good. It's like one of those songs you use when you need that pump, definitely going on my raiding playlist.


No I will not give you any advice!


This is the most epic song that i have heard on NG. I downloaded it yesterday and it is almost the onely song that i have bin listening to since. =)


i think i listened 10 times and i'm still not bored :) nice

Very Nice!!!

So, first off, I am listening to this on rather terrible headphones at the library, so the kick seems a little thin for my tastes at this moment, so I'll find that out once I get home and "rock this" on my Sennheiser HD 500s.

Anyway, for the actual review.

Catchy melody, and not super repetetive! You've got to vary the percussion a little bit more, but you've got some good buildups that aren't stock, run of the mill crap. Maybe throw a bit more variety in the melody, though.

However, I call this a 10.

DJVI responds:

Thanks for your review (=